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"Metin2 yang" the majority of players will bring a colorful "rave parties" activities.

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Happy National Day Golden Week coming very, enjoy the scenery and pleasant autumn, the harvest of a luxury gift is another thing but pleasant. "Metin2 yang" In this harvest season, specially prepared for the majority of brilliant players, "Shang Shill package" activities, as long as the involved, a variety of the best game props, you can count them in the bag, allowing you to National received an unexpected holiday surprise! The festive season around the corner, lively festivals festive nature is essential. "Metin2 yang" the majority of players during the National Day will bring a colorful "rave parties" activities, fun unlimited play, very generous reward, during the festive season will set off a wave of popular carnival festival, with you to the freshest cool gaming experience!


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