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Metin2 yang players all die easily, low defense, low hp etc.

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First 20 quests were hard to complete. I had low hp, low defense, bad armor set, bad weapon set. Although I am a defensive warrior, I was being killed by the mobs easily. So I used to carry lots of hp pots with me. Those times were hard but it was fun. Indeed every class experience the same things till level 22, the level that Archers, Assassins, Wizards, Summonses have Aloe (level 16 for Priests). I think there are hardly any differences between all classes till level 22. Metin2 yang players all die easily, low defense, low hp etc. Leveling up a defensive warrior by soloing is really slow. So, accept any party invitation that comes from someone who has Aloe. But don't think that they would want to party you. Metin2 Yang players all need you at TWs; you are their shield, castle wall on TWs. So they need higher level defensive warrior a lot. But they generally do not think of helping you leveling fast. Nearly twice as much as when you are in a party with 2 peoples.

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