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03/13/2013 - Guild Wars 2 : March Madness
Guild Wars 2 : March Madness ArenaNet has been spending a lot of time revealing the "living story" to Guild Wars 2 players and March is shaping up nicely as well. In our latest Guild Wars 2 column, we take a look at what March promises. Check i.....
03/08/2013 - Star Wars: The Old Republic : Makeb Overview
Star Wars: The Old Republic : Makeb Overview Star Wars: The Old Republic Lead Writer Charles Boyd has published a new developer blog that gives players an overview of the planet Makeb. Makeb will arrive in game with the release of the expansion.....
03/05/2013 - What is important for me is your Diablo 3 Gold ...
  Just because I am not talking, it does not mean that I am in a bad mood. Sometimes I just like to Diablo 3 Gold be quiet. Behind my smile is everything you will never understand. People cry not because love ends, but because still contin.....
02/23/2013 - Star Wars: The Old Republic : Update 2.0 Arrive...
Star Wars: The Old Republic players who like to get a preview of the next update will want to head to the public test server to check out v2.0 that has just arrived. According to the official site, v2.0 will feature new abilities, a new Operatio.....
02/07/2013 - The real girls and Guild Wars 2 Gold perfect girls
Real girls are not perfect. Perfect girls are Guild Wars 2 Gold not real. So what do you want? Do you want me real or perfect? People are weird. They have wasted their tears for someone who does not love them and money on things they do not real.....

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